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Christakis Tsolakis Rose Factory

The rose bush was imported in Cyprus from Damascus in Mesopotamia, that is why it is also known as Rosa Damascena with the thirty petals. 
At the dawn of the 20th century, a number of the rose bushes could be found in the grounds of the Virgin Mary church in the village of Agros. During the period, the church was the monastery of the Greater area of Agros. 
In 1917, the late Nearchos Clerides ( uncle of Glafkos Clerides, the former President of the Republic of Cyprus ) was appointed as a teacher in his native village of Agros. He was behind the idea of expanding the cultivation of the rose bush with the aim of producing rose water. This would contribute to a substantial improvement of the standard living for the local community. He therefore founded the ' Pupils Association for the Dissemination of the Rose Bush', aiming at expanding the cultivation of the plant. The members of the Association were obliged to plant and look after fifty rose bushes every year. Those who planted more than fifty rose bushes received a financial reward. One of the pupils of Nearchos Clerides was Nicodemos I. Tsolakis, who showed great interest initially for the cultivation of the rose bush and later on for the purchase and marketing of rose water. 


In 1948Nicodemos I. Tsolakis cultivated his own rose plantations and began producing his own rose water. In 1987, one of his son, Christakis Tsolakis, took over the business. He worked with even greater enthusiasm, building new, modern installations and improving the cultivation and method of gathering the roses. 
Today, the famous organic rose bushes of the Tsolakis family produce the following exquisite products, known all over the world: 

Rose Liqueur-Rose Aperetif-Rose Wine Rose Aromatic oil(Rose Essential oil) 
Aromatic candles-Rose Oil burners-Rose Water 
Rose Tea-Rose Soap-Rose Vinegar- Rose Jam 

Venus Rose BIO-Cosmetics 
  More recently, Chris extended the product range to include a BIO-cosmetics line, offering: 

  • Rose Day cream 

  • Rose Night cream 

  • Rose Body lotion 

  • Rosewater for cleansing the face and body 

  • Andrilena Rose Perfume 

  • Rose Face Serum 

  • Rose Eye Cream 

  • Rose Peeling 

  • Rose Face Mask 

  • Rose Shower Gel 


The cosmetics contains rosewater and rose essential oils (Rose Damascena) used to protect skin from harmful effects of free radicals. 

The factory welcomes visitors and is open every day to offer you some unforgettable moments. Let us be your guide around its unique areas and show you what Cypriot hospitality is all about. 

In May, we welcome volunteers for the gathering of the roses. It is a unique experience. If you are interested to join us, please do not hesitate to contact us.












Source: Venus Rose Cosmetics